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The Review Solution for Dentists

Feedback, testimonials, reviews, recommendations, referrals; no matter how you slice it, there's a common thread running through it's not happening as much as it should be for dentists!

Whether specialist or general, most dental practices find it an ongoing challenge to keep on top of patient feedback; never mind being able to use it effectively to generate new leads through search engines, websites and social media, I am sure you will agree.

Why testimonials are important for the patient journey

In today's online world, attracting new patients and calling upon influential advocates has become much more difficult; which is why the importance of the patient journey should never be underestimated.

We have all grown to expect customer reviews from just about every area of online browsing, whether it be booking a holiday or finding a good restaurant. Testimonials and online reviews can be invaluable for people looking for a service whose quality is difficult to assess before experiencing it. Just think how relevant a testimonial stating how your clinician helped a patient overcome their dental phobia could be for a nervous patient looking to take that first step in booking a consultation with your dental practice.

The benefits of being able to market patient feedback are now very tangible. When collected by a third party, the patient experience becomes a trusted, credible element in making your dental practice stand out and helps with the following:

The challenge is to make sure that your dental practice has the right tools and resources in place to use patient feedback to its full potential.

A solution that adds significant value

This is where the Working Feedback solution comes in; within minutes your dental practice can have the ability to collect, manage and promote patient feedback that makes the very most of your time, money and allowing you to do what you do best or have a glass of wine.

With multiple ways of collecting testimonials, technology has helped to make the Working Feedback process much more effective including:

We've seen quite a shift in the effectiveness of email and text in generating responses recently, we saw a 42% response rate for a dental practice when using our free SMS text service.

How a leading NHS Dental Practice Saves 20+ Hours admin... every month!

A busy practice means that collecting quality patient feedback can be difficult (and time consuming).

Practice management software is excellent for running a practice but Parkway Dentalcare in Hampshire needed a simple way of automating their daily patient feedback requests with a cost-effective process that gathered quality content as well as ratings. The Parkway website and social media platforms also needed more content such as patient feedback as they didn't have the time or resources to do regularly themselves.

Within three months of using Working Feedback, Parkway went from basic FFT responses to automating all patient feedback requests through their current software platform saving them hours and hours of admin time, 20+ a month recognised so far.

"I was first introduced to Working Feedback at a practice manager networking event; as soon as I heard that their service implemented and managed the whole patient feedback process I needed to find out more. I'm so glad that we did!"
- Practice Manager at Parkway Dentalcare

Now, through Working Feedback, Parkway has a detailed form of measurement and analysis on what patients think and how they value the practice. The system sends their feedback requests by both email and SMS text messaging, Working Feedback receives all the feedback, moderates it and then ensures that the feedback is published through multiple online platforms including Most Recommended Dentist, the Parkway website, Facebook, NHS Choices and Google.

With very little effort, the entire patient feedback process is handled:

How an Oxfordshire private practice saw an upsurge in new patient bookings

Cherrytree Dental Care is a private dental practice in Wantage, Oxfordshire and started using the Working Feedback service at the beginning of 2017.

"Working Feedback is brilliant! - It has improved our dental practice on several fronts: reinforcing the quality of the care and treatments we offer through the testimonials provided by our patients, disseminating information about the practice and its clinicians, and giving the whole team a boost every time we receive another 5 star review. The Team give excellent advice and has an outstandingly can-do attitude. No modern dental practice can afford to be without Working Feedback."
- Miriam Hutchinson, Business Director at Cherrytree

Cherrytree spent 6 months trying to get Facebook and Google reviews. They got 2 Facebook reviews and 2 Google reviews. Since starting to use Working Feedback, they have over 115 published reviews.

As a result of using Working Feedback they have:

Feeling valued as a patient is a huge motivator for loyalty

When a practice has the confidence to ask their patients what they think, then demonstrate that they've listened and acted upon any concerns; this builds genuine trust and turns patients into advocates. And who doesn't like boasting a little to friends about how good their dentist is!

Feedback for any company isn't a luxury anymore, it's a necessity for everyday business life. Patients expect to see reviews as do the regulators, both CQC and NHS England; we feel we have contributed to this by creating an honest, ethical and impartial solution that is industry approved.

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