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What you should know about Working Feedback

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Loyalty Customer Feedback vs Transactional Customer Feedback

Loyalty Customer Feedback

If your customer buys from you several times a month, for instance a care home, local shop or petrol station, we would recommend using a loyalty feedback strategy as this will keep you aware of your customers thoughts without annoying them daily or weekly for feedback.


Transactional Customer Feedback

Transactional feedback is used when you only see a customer / patient a few times such as a Dentist, Financial Adviser, Estate Agent or project work like a building extension or new windows.

Either way you want to work your customer feedback question set must reflect one of the above as this will ensure you get the very best results. Always ensure to ask if they are happy to ask for further information on your other products or services as one of our clients has received over 70 in the last six months from just 20 of his clients but could be worth over £200K in commission.

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