Important Info: Changes to NHS Reviews - Working Feedback

Important Info: Changes to NHS Reviews (England only)

The NHS Digital website (formerly NHS Choices) has recently updated their Reviews section. This also means that the moderation process for NHS reviews is different. These changes are effective immediately and our efficient review service to NHS has now resumed. The NHS Digital Moderation team is now dealing with reviews as outlined below.

What Has Changed?

The following changes have been made by NHS:

All NHS reviews now only moderated by NHS

NHS has requested that all NHS relevant reviews be sent ‘unedited’ to their moderation team. The team at NHS will then decide what is made live or rejected. Working Feedback no longer has any involvement in the moderation/verification process for NHS reviews; NHS has asked for reviews to be sent to them precisely as submitted.

If you’ve an issue with a review published on NHS

Previously, NHS would send you an email notification when a review has been made live or rejected. This may not happen automatically unless:

If you’ve not already done so, you will need to subscribe to the NHS Comment Response Tool to re-activate these emails. If you have not yet subscribed to the NHS Comment Response Tool you can do so here: (you need only to do this once!)

If you’ve any concerns about a review published on NHS, you will need to email [email protected] directly, stating the reasons why the review should not be published.

Replying to reviews published on NHS

Once again you’ll need ensure that you’ve subscribed to the NHS Comment Response Tool here:

You can also report a comment as unsuitable by clicking on the link “Report as unsuitable” which is on the comment page.

Reviews with less than 100 characters rejected automatically by NHS

The NHS Feed does not accept comments/reviews with less than 100 characters and we have been asked not to upload them anymore.

(Working Feedback will continue to publish these through its own feeds and capture/collate the Friends & Family Test data where relevant.)

Working Feedback is very proud to be working with NHS Digital and collects thousands of comments each month, helping the public and the NHS make more informed decisions in social care.

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