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Your Replies Now Sent To Reviewer

Replying to a review is now commonplace and something that we’ve always encourage clients to do. When a customer has taken the time and effort to review your service, the least that can be done is to acknowledge that.

Until recently, responses were posted only online as a public reply. Although this added a great deal of credibility to your business, the original reviewer couldn’t get to see your reply unless they went to your reviews on the website.

Now, Working Feedback has added the ability for your reply to be automatically sent directly to the reviewer, so that they get the personal touch by receiving the reply by you. The system does this through email and text and will send the reply by the same method that it was collected.

How to respond to online reviews

Although we do make it easy to reply to a review; it can be a daunting task if, like many of our clients, you receive hundreds of reviews a month. Try to pace yourself by setting aside a dedicated time (say 30-45 mins) each week to focus specifically on replies. If you have a high number of reviews, just reply to 1 in every 4 to start with. You may feel it more appropriate to hone in on the lengthier reviews as opposed to the shorter, succinct ones. It will become second nature.

If you’re not familiar with the Reply feature you’ll find it in your Working Feedback Dashboard. Select ‘Review’ menu > Choose ‘Published Reviews’ from dropdown > On the right hand side of every review, click on the ‘Reply’ button.

Some useful hints when replying:

  1. Respond as promptly as you can
  2. Address the reviewer by their name (NOT surnames as we don’t make any surnames public, so ideally their first name)
  3. Thank the reviewer for leaving a review
  4. Acknowledge the reviewer's key points
  5. Can you reward the customer for their feedback? Perhaps a incentive/discount on next visit/purchase

If you need more information on the Reply feature contact our team of experts by email [email protected] or call free on 0800 043 2100.

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