Reviews are even easier when you Integrate - Working Feedback

Reviews are even easier when you Integrate

Your time is important, so when we can identify a way to give you more, we will. One such way is the automation of sending feedback requests. We’ve already hundreds of businesses benefiting from a level of automation through a variety of CRM and management software platforms. For example, within the dental sector, when a treatment is completed and updated, their software triggers a feedback request to the patient automatically.

Many other businesses choose to send a bulk excel report to us every few weeks which then allows a large volume of feedback requests to be sent all at once. It couldn’t be easier (or more time-saving).

Integrations (APIs) are created especially for the purpose of systems working together and once linked run seamlessly in the background. We have two dedicated integrations in place with the practice management solutions: Systems For Dentists and Dentally.

We’re very keen to explore other software platforms, so if you’d like to see whether yours can be integrated or made easier just drop us an email: or call free on 0800 043 2100.

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