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Feedback Without the Need for Marketing Consent (GDPR)

Would it make your life easier if you could ask for feedback without having to obtain customer opt in? Since GDPR came into force in May 2018, businesses have experienced a number of challenges and uncertainties when it comes to what is considered ‘marketing’. Unsurprisingly, many of you choose to err on the side of caution.

You may decide that feedback is an essential part of the provision of your services and sometimes the only ‘marketing’ communication that you’re ever likely to carry out.

It can be especially frustrating when asking your customer the standard opt in question ‘Are you happy to receive further marketing...’ only to receive a resounding ‘No, thank you’. This has a significant impact on the number of reviews that you are ever likely to achieve!

The good news is that as long as you have a clear, up to date and transparent Privacy Policy (also called a Privacy Notice) and communicate its provisions to your customers, those privacy notices will cover feedback collection without the requirement for consent.

You'll achieve more reviews!

If you’ve the ability to update your Privacy Policy it is a relatively straightforward process and here at Working Feedback we can guide you and have some appropriate wording for you to include.

For more information on how we can support your business with Privacy contact our team of experts for a friendly chat on 0800 043 2100.

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