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3 Quick Ways To Boost Review Responses

At a time when loyal customers and new business is more valuable than ever; you want your business to continue to stand out online. To say it’s tough out there at the moment is no understatement, so when the opportunity for some quick wins come along, why wouldn’t you take them?

Here are three short term tactics to ensure that that you’re getting more review responses:

1. Build up your Google Reviews

Everybody uses Google, right? With Google now dominating 86% of the search engine market in the UK; it’s safe to say that, if location is important to you, Google reviews really matter.

Working Feedback gets you Google reviews simply and all built in within the service; just make sure that you’ve linked your Google My Business account with Working Feedback. When you have, the Google reviews will roll in like a jackpot win on the Vegas slots.

2. Send a Text Message

When pretty much everything can now be done through a smartphone, take the hassle out of waiting for a customer to open their email inbox by sending a text. It’s quick, direct and the response rates are (halloween) frighteningly high. On average, 1 in 3 requests receive a response.

Chances are that you’re already using texts for appointment reminders or updates, so why not use the Working Feedback text service to sky rocket those responses (with the added bonus of no annoying text speak as we moderate on your behalf).

3. Ask by QR Code

Whilst the NHS Test and Trace app may be the most visible QR code at the moment, coming a close second is the QR code developed just for your business. Place your QR code in a prominent place and when your customer scans with their phone it will open up as a review request.

The code is so smart that it will even ask as a Google review if they’re already logged in to their gmail. The QR code is available to print out as an A4 page but keep an eye out for the slick, highly sought after branded Perspex stands we’re creating.

For more information on how we boost your review responses contact our team of experts for a friendly chat on 0800 043 2100.

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