Manage Your Online Reputation With Working Feedback & Systems For Dentists

Working Feedback integrates with Systems for Dentists, an automation that couldn't be simpler; at the completion of each treatment, you’re asked whether you want to send a patient review request.

Reputation at the Forefront

Reputation should always be at the forefront of your marketing plan.

Opinions matter - reputation is an essential part of your marketing plan, in fact it's the first area you should focus on. A good reputation conveys that your brand is reliable, and when choosing a dentist - reliability, trust and customer reviews all come into play in the patient's decision-making process.

Feedback is now a necessity. Customers expect to see reviews, staff recruitment is improved from a strong online reputation and regulators respect independence. Our Online Reputation Management tool for dental practices provides all of this and you can be up and running within minutes. Our tool will:

  • Ensure ratings receive online star ratings on Google as well as Google reviews
  • Post reviews to your social media sites including Facebook and Instagram
  • Help satisfy compliance requirements with NHS, FFT, CQC and FCA
  • Feature prominently on NHS Digital
  • Provide Feedback and Net Promoter Score reporting for your sales team and staff

Want to see Working Feedback in action first?

When you’re competing for more customers, make sure that your business has the right tools to win.

"This integrated with our SFD software seamlessly and also was a doddle to set up. The result was as I hoped, real-time feedback. But something more - patients enquiring about additional services and recommendations to their contact list - so believe me, it's much more than a feedback service!"

- Amit Koshal, Dentist, Remarkable Smiles

Our Partnership Delivers

SfD is proud of the reputation we have secured over 30 years in the industry.

The Systems for Dentists' team go above and beyond what is required on a regular basis and customers tell us that our customer support is second to none. That's why we've decided to develop the system further and offer customers an additional tool – Online Reputation Management.

The Online Reputation Management tool (provided in partnership with Working Feedback) offers practices a regulated and effective tool when requesting feedback from each patient. The benefits of our Online Reputation Management tool are:

  • Cross sell your other treatments and services
  • Generate more customer referrals
  • Build customer loyalty and trust
  • Satisfy compliance and regulatory standards (CQC/FCA)
  • Grow your online and digital reputation
  • Understand what you could do better

Email & SMS

Surveys and feedback requests can be sent via email or SMS, allowing for timely requests and ratings reviews from your patients. Once the reviews have been vetted by our team you can then add the reviews to your website and social media channels to celebrate the successes of your team and encourage more patients to join or receive treatment at your practice.

There is no time like the present to build on your online reputation. Dental practices across the UK are benefitting from the use of web and social media to build on their digital presence, encouraging patients to post online reviews to spread the word.

Your practice can start to reap the rewards of the Online Reputation Management tool and begin spreading word of mouth about the services you deliver. It is also great for your staff to view the reviews to improve their service where needed and more generally as a morale boost when receiving feedback from a happy customer.

Visit the Systems for Dentists website to learn more.

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