Collect and Publish Customer, Client and Patient Reviews with Working Feedback

Working Feedback doesn’t like standing still. Here, the word ‘static’ is only used to describe the electrical charge process when those annoying bits of fluff cling to your clothing! Mind you, forging ahead is just what you’d expect from a technology driven company set out to make word of mouth stand out in a very competitive, digital environment.

What makes us tick

Whilst we’ve been at the forefront of making online testimonials work for almost two decades; don’t think that we’re long in the tooth, it simply means that our footwear collections contain more than just trainers! We love to evolve and improve what we’re doing to make things easier and more effective for you. That extends to our customer service too, as we’re often praised for the help and guidance we provide through all aspects of our solution.

Today, our Working Feedback software is used by more than 3,500 companies helping them seek timely feedback on the delivery of their services and making a real, tangible difference to their business growth.

As well as providing the leading patient and client feedback solution for dentists, GP surgeries, care providers and professional services businesses, we also run and maintain a series of associated websites; these include the ‘Most Recommended’ brand, which is part of our family of solutions and one of the highly visible online directories your reviews can be published to as part of your Working Feedback subscription.

Where we started

John and Philip started this when they got fed up with the choice of ‘which business to use’ was being influenced primarily by the ad spend on Yellow Pages. They came up with some innovative ideas and were ground-breaking at the time in helping small to medium sized businesses capture that customer word of mouth and use it online. The playing field has been a much leveller surface since!

The founders are still actively involved. We’re based in Hampshire and all of our team are UK based, so if you need to call us you will get to speak to the people behind the application, not a call centre. As a customer service business would you expect anything different?

Want to see Working Feedback in action first?

When you’re competing for more customers, make sure that your business has the right tools to win.

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