Corner Peel

Our Corner Peel is a non-intrusive widget which sites in the top corner of your site.
You can control it’s appearance by adjusting the values below – they are updated in real time.
To see a live example simply look at the top right corner of your screen.

Trust Seal

The trust seal is a small badge which we recommend adding to the header or footer of the website.It adds
instant credibility, and looks great. It comes in a variety of different styles, and when clicked goes through to
your Review Profile Page. You can choose the style and link destination from the customisation options
in your Working Feedback dashboard.

The live example on the right is our standard style.

Most Recommended Badge

Our Most Recommended badge adds to the credibility of the site, and it looks great in
footers and sidebars.When clicked on it takes you through to your personal Review Profile
Page. Please see a live example of our Most Recommended Badge on the right of this tab.

Please see a live example of our Most Recommended Badge on the right of this tab.

Online Form

The online form is a great way to collect feedback from clients, and works best on its own dedicated web page. Please see a live example of our form below.

Review Feed

Our new style review feed really stands out, and will draw attention to your fantastic feedback. We recommend placing it on its own dedicated page. Please see a live example of our feed below.

Review Tiles

If you want a more creative way of displaying your reviews on your website then our Tiles format is probably your best option. It creates a series of “review tiles” in either 1 or 2 columns, perfect for most site layouts. Please see an example of our review tiles below.

Ticker Tape

The 90s-style internet ticker tape has recently returned to our screens, made popular by social networks such as Twitter and Flickr looking to showcase your recent posts effectively. Working Feedback have picked up on this latest trend and created the review ticker – perfect for showing off your glowing feedback online.

Review Widget

Our Review Widget is fantastic because it not only displays reviews on your website in a nice feed format, but it also has the potential to gain you stars in organic Google search results without the need for additional expense on AdWords! Please see a live example below.

Trust Banner

A banner showing your current star rating and feedback count, it’s eye-catching and great for e-Commerce.

Review Carousel

A slider feature that auto-rotates with the latest 20 reviews. Ideally should be used full-width but fits to size and looks excellent on a Home page. It can also help to generate Google stars (when Google guidelines followed).