SMS Text Messaging Works

This is Working Feedback’s latest method of collecting feedback. It is simple and very efficient, allowing you to ask just one or hundreds of your clients at the same time for feedback on you.

It is simplified as we have found people do not want to answer multiple questions so we ask just two.

Question One

On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate “Said Company” overall?

5 is the best, and 1 is the worst.

Question Two

Please write a few comments about your experience. Your reply can be as long or as short as you like.

Please see screen shots to the right.

How to Do It

Its very simple, just login to your dashboard, then

  1. click on Asking for feedback
  2. Click on send a text
  3. Select Send a text to one person or Send a text to multiple people
    1. If you selected to one person
      1. Fill in their name
      2. Fill in their Number
      3. Fill in what they bought from you, this will become the title of the review
      4. Click Submit request
      5. A popup will appear saying your request has been processed
      6. Click OK and you are returned to the main menu
    2. If you Selected send a text to multiple people (dentists Please see below)
      1. You can download the spreadsheet by clicking “Click Here”
      2. Fill in the fields on the spreadsheet
      3. Please double check the date format
      4. Save your spreadsheet
      5. Go back to the dashboard
      6. Click on choose file and select your file to upload
      7. Click continue
      8. You will have a screen which shows you
        1. how many entries
        2. How many will be ignored (Sent to in the last 28 Days)
        3. Will be processed / sent
      9. Underneath is the detail of what will be sent and what will not
      10. Please hit send requests if you are happy or cancel to go back
      11. Pop up will appear saying that all requests will now be processed
    3. For Dentists
      We have integrated our reports with Carestream, R4, Orthotrac and Software of Excellence

      1. please follow instructions above but you can use reports you output from your software
      2. When you have uploaded them you can change the file type to your software and then goto step 8 above
  4. Once uploaded you can click back into the Send a text menu from the main menu to see updates on what you have sent.

Learn More

If you would like to find out more information please phone us on 0800 0432100 or email