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Online Success – even through a pandemic

March 8, 2022   |   WorkingFeedback


When ‘safe’ and ‘confident’ are amongst the most frequently used words in healthcare reviews, you start to get a picture as to what is important to your customers during lockdown. If these are phrases that are relevant to the service that you provide, make sure that this is how you’re seen.

Within the thousands of healthcare related reviews collected by Working Feedback over the past 3 months, the word ‘safe’ has appeared over 1300 times, whilst ‘confident’ was included over 900.

The online reputation that you’re working on now will stand you in good stead for the coming months.

Whatever approach you’re taking to being seen online, the important thing is to let customers know that you are here and more than ready for business. Typically, their first touch will be online, perhaps through a Google search or by clicking on to your website. Are you happy that they’ll feel confident enough to take the next step and contact you?

Reviews create a sense of immediate reassurance and credibility for online consumers, letting them know that you’re up and running NOW and depending on your industry; that every precaution within the current climate is being taken (as a professional should) to make customer safety paramount…reviews reinforce that message.

Here are 5 top ways to ensure you get noticed online:

  1. Make reviews easily visible on your website and keep them updated
  2. Keep your Google My Business profile and reviews current
  3. Piggyback your reviews through highly rated Google sites e.g. Most Recommended websites
  4. Share reviews on your social media e.g. Instagram & Facebook
  5. Write positive blogs and news about what you are up to and add them to your website

As we all know, business is tough out there but there are huge opportunities to gain market share and attract new customers from your online reputation.

Don’t be afraid of asking your customers both past and present for their valued feedback at a time when it has the most impact.

Stay on top in more ways than one!

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