Client and Customer Feedback for Professional Services Companies

Would your organisation benefit by hearing more from your clients, patients or users of the service? Whilst you may be confident that you and your team are delivering exemplary customer service, how can you be completely sure? Sure that your customer experience is consistently good, sure that you are providing value for money or sure that your clients, customers or patients are so pleased with your service or product that they are happy to actively tell one other person?

You may have tried one off customer surveys and convinced yourself that the response rate was strong and that everything your read or heard confirmed your beliefs. But this one-off ‘dip testing’ can only ever provide you with a snapshot of a point in time. Regular feedback, requested and received immediately following the delivery of a service or product, is where the true value in customer feedback lies.

Working Feedback is a patient and client feedback solution for success focused dentists, GP surgeries, care providers and professional services businesses that want to improve client retention rates and generate additional revenues. We help organisations to evaluate and improve their customer experience (CX) and customer service (CS) offerings through the timely collation and publishing of product and service reviews.

Feedback is not Just a Rear-view Mirror

So, you’ve established regular opportunities for your clients, customers or patients to provide you feedback and this is beginning to deliver some interesting data. But what next? How you analyse and use this data is where you can start to gain maximum benefit and develop a competitive edge over others in your locale or industry. With Working Feedback you will enjoy:

  • Access to a range of scheduled and on-demand analysis tools and reporting
  • Integrations to Google and social media channels to promote reviews
  • Monthly feedback certification for proactive marketing purposes
  • Dynamic integration to your website, to share feedback with existing and prospective clients
  • Standard metrics tools such as Net Promoter Score (NPS)

You can then put the information to work by creating staff incentive and reward schemes, adapting your service delivery to address identified issues and promoting best practice in your marketing activity.

What about Revenue Generation?

Why not use the communication with your customer base as an opportunity to drive revenues? Feedback and reviews are hugely valuable, but as well as identifying areas for improvements, you will also regularly hear from those that have had a positive experience and are feeling enthused. Now is the time to seize on this goodwill and turn it into revenue. Through a customised question set, you can upsell and cross sell additional and premium services or products and ask clients to proactively refer you to their colleagues, friends and family. We can apply notional values to these referrals and sales opportunities giving you the ability to see a return on investment (ROI) against your subscription fee. For an increasing number of Working Feedback users, the application has become a profit centre and a key sales channel.

Want to see Working Feedback in action first?

When you’re competing for more customers, make sure that your business has the right tools to win.

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