Free Bed Vacancy Service

Please use our Bed Vacancy Service today to update your care home’s vacancies. The default is set to 0 and you may have availability.

We will look to use the data collected by them on our site and supply it to West Sussex County Council and other councils in the county.

The only cost is in sending the text message which is standard rate and included within many mobile phone messages, it really is easy, please follow the instructions below…..

  • Text Start to 07400 934989
    (Standard rate not premium, free within packages)
  • Answer the questions as below
  • CQC Location ID eg 1-108934369
  • Confirmation Text to tell you we have received
  • Text number of beds you have available eg 2
  • Weekly update via text message or you can send yourself at any time to 07400 934989
  • Have a badge on your website / Facebook wall that updates automatically from the text message
  • If you are looking at this page on your smart phone just click on Start to send the text message remember to put start in the message