Coversure Poole Case Study

Since we started to use Working Feedback 5 months ago, I just don’t know how we managed to capture our feedback without them!

It’s just such a total no brainer for you. I mean, the thing is at the end of the day, as the owner of a business I can sing and shout the praises of my business but it doesn’t really do any good from the point of view of new potential clients, no one is impressed by that… but the minute you get independent feedback, it’s a whole different story.

People shopping around pay attention to reviews and at the end of the day when comparing companies if there’s little to choose between them on the face of it which one are you going to go with? The company with one or two reviews or the one with 20, 30 or more, I know which one I’d go with.

This is the sort of thing that gives us the edge over competitors and can make such a big difference to us getting the client or not.

I have to say the system with Working Feedback is the other thing that made it easy for me to decide to put my trust in them. It’s just so simple and Working Feedback manage the whole thing for us one of the best things about it is that Google pick up on the reviews as well and that pushes us up so that we come up higher on Internet searches.

When I first encountered Working Feedback at a networking event and realised that this could be something that might really help my business. After listening to the presentation, I expected a fairly hefty price tag, I have to say that the service is just so cheap and especially considering what my business gets from this relationship Working Feedbacks services are just such great value for money.

“Working Feedback gives us an edge over our competitors and can make such a big difference to us getting the client”

John PalmerOwner