Cheerytree Dental uses Working Feedback to Collect Patient Reviews


Cherrytree Dental Care

Reviews deliver instant credibility; new patients are pre-sold before even visiting the practice.


At A Glance


To grow patient numbers having recently taken over the practice.


Attract new, quality patients to the practice and gain loyalty.


Reviews strengthen online presence and increase uptake of additional treatments.

Cherrytree Dental develops their business by understanding the patient experience

Dental care has evolved significantly and patients now expect a wide range of care from the simple to more complex treatments based on evidence-based dentistry. This presents local practices with new challenges and opportunities for the forward thinking business.

Cherrytree Dental embraced this expectation and by capturing and displaying patient-generated content with Working Feedback ratings and reviews, their reputation and quality of patients grew quickly.

Reviews also contribute to providing patients with a feel for the practice

“Patients are explaining the treatment carried out and the positive effect the experience has had on their everyday lives within reviews. This is so important for other visitors to see as we also use the information to educate team members”, says Cherrytree Dental.

With a high number of consistent reviews, Cherrytree ensures patients understand why they are so highly regarded.


Increase in turnover

This solution is directly attributed to their growth in turnover over a 12 month period.

Reviews drive quality, education and raise staff morale

Since partnering with Working Feedback in 2017, Cherrytree has consistent success in attracting new, quality local patients as well as an unexpected bonus for internal marketing with the boosting of staff morale by sharing the independently gathered patient feedback.

“The solution has made the process of patient feedback so simple with the requests easily sent out by email and text messaging. Working Feedback then moderates all reviews and ensures that they are shared through multiple platforms including our website, Facebook, Most Recommended Dentist and Google.

Additionally, Working Feedback collates all the information and generates monthly feedback reports, analytics and Certificates of Achievement that we proudly display in Reception for our visitors to see” says Cherrytree Dental.


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