Aronel Cottage Case Study - Working Feedback


  • Although the only family-run care home in Bognor Regis, owner Julian Hitchcock knew he needed to ensure Aronel Cottage stood out more, particularly online. So they have fully embraced the on-line service which Working Feedback has recently developed through Most Recommended Care, in conjunction with NHS Choices and the Care Quality Commission.
  • Julian appreciates that the service discreetly feeds back any constructive criticism.
  • More recently, care home regulator the Care Quality Commission announced they would monitor social media when checking on care homes, using social proof to support their inspection regime. "The homes that are considered to be excellent, the inspectors have a lighter touch," says Julian. "Who better to ask about the service, than the people actually experiencing it?"
  • Solution

  • "It was a bit of a no-brainer really" says Julian. The Working Feedback team worked on an upgrade of the Aronel Cottage website.
  • "Twice a year, we do a survey with 300 respondents. What we've got is a nice postcard with five key questions, telling me what I need to know about my business." The survey gets a surprisingly high return rate. "The vast majority score us very high, and the card feedback monitoring system provides us with testimonials to use over several months."
  • Aronel Cottage has spent more than 30 years building a reputation as a great care home for the elderly.

    "I saw a presentation about the web and social media, and realised the opportunity. More and more people don’t bother with Google. Long term, it’s pretty obvious you need to be out there on other platforms. With around half of new business coming from people who first view the home’s website; the support from Working Feedback has been invaluable. They’ve really helped me turbocharge my website, adding new features all the time. Video has been a recent addition to the home page, which now features YouTube videos of social events at the home. And they take care of everything – I just don’t have time, I’m too busy running my business.

    As a business tool, it’s more powerful than Google, because it gives actual testimonials. Someone giving you a testimonial is very powerful. As a business, you need to know what you’re doing wrong. It has been useful, it reinforced areas where we need to try and improve the business.

    The level of service is very good, they are very responsive and recently provided me with a training session on how to manage website updates, so I can handle some items myself if I wish.

    I was totally surprised – it sounded very reasonable. I took the decision to run with it for one year, to see how it worked out. And a lot of other opportunities and products have come along."

    – Julian Hitchcock, Owner


    The Results

    Through Working Feedback, Aronel Cottage have gained the following benefits:

  • Independent, ‘real world’ feedback with an early warning system should any problems arise
  • A completely managed, consistently refreshed website
  • Feedback that meets regulatory requirements and eases inspections

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