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7 New Realities Of Online Marketing

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Attracting visitors and increasing new leads has never been more challenging, yet many small to medium sized businesses forget that word of mouth is the most effective marketing.

Here are 7 new realities for you to consider:

1- Customers do more online research before calling you

2- Customers make contact with fewer businesses before making a buying decision

3- Customers want a business with credibility

4- Buyers are tuning out of marketing messages, particularly on your website

5- It is becoming easier to engage with hard-to-reach people outside of normal working hours and the normal channels

6- Outbound marketing is becoming less cost-effective

7- Customers want a relationship with a business before using them

The Smart Online Marketing Way

It’s more than likely that you can relate to at least 2-3 of the above realities... but that’s okay; you're running a business, you're not an online marketer.

For a business to succeed in online marketing you have to be pro-active with feedback and social media. After all, online content won’t generate itself and if does you should be very worried!

- Put a system in place for the customer feedback process

- Transform your feedback into a well-oiled marketing machine

- Customer feedback is a HUGE digital asset for you… reviews get seen through multiple online sources

- Spend more time growing your business and less on worrying about lack of activity

The good news is that you don't need to spend a small fortune doing this. There are many solutions out there, just be careful that you don't end up using a sledge hammer to crack a nut!


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